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Elevate your style with Rashmi Custom Tailors in Hong Kong

Discover the art of mens custom suits, custom shirts, custom sport coats and custom tuxedos at Rashmi Custom Tailors. Located in Hong Kong. Our veteran & expert tailors will create custom-made suits that perfectly fit your style and personality.

Enhance and enrich your wardrobe with Rashmi Custom Tailors during your visit to Hong Kong, or meet us at one of our regular destinations near you. Full List of Our Upcoming Schedule. 

Hong Kong Top Custom Tailors Since 1987 Decades of experience tailoring bespoke suits and clothing.

What we make!

Best Tailor Made Suits in Hong Kong. One of the things to do when visiting Hong Kong is to make an appointment with Rashmi Custom Tailors and get measured for a bespoke suit.

Custom Suits & Sport Coats

Get measured for a Bespoke suit when visiting us in Hong Kong or on one of our overseas trunk shows. All our fittings are a 1-1 and exclusive where we give we give you the full attention needed in crafting your custom clothing.

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Custom Tuxedos & Wedding Suits

Getting married soon? Or have Black Tie events, every man should own a well-fitting tuxedo. Make an appointment and we'll take care of you & guide you on the latest fashions & trends. 

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Premium fabrics for custom dress shirts & casual shirts.

Choose from a range of high-quality cotton fabrics for dress shirts and untucked shirts. After all you can never own enough shirts for your work or business or dates.

About Rashmi Custom Tailors

Established in 1987, Rashmi Custom Tailors stands as a premier name among Hong Kong's top custom tailors, boasting three decades of expertise in crafting bespoke suits and garments.

With a firm commitment to excellence, meticulous attention to detail, and unparalleled customer service, we take pride in our reputation as the foremost tailor in Hong Kong. Our journey over the past 30 years has solidified our position as a trusted destination for those seeking both passion and affordability in tailored attire.

At Rashmi Custom Tailors, our team of skilled tailors, each with decades of experience, artfully cuts and sews fabric to precise measurements. This blend of experience and talent ensures that every garment produced at Rashmi attains perfection. If you're in search of exceptional tailors in Hong Kong, look no further. We distinguish ourselves by maintaining an in-house team, allowing us to focus on intricate details that significantly impact the quality of your suit, such as linings, seams, and button quality.

Our commitment to delivering the best extends to the materials we use. Our Hong Kong tailors have access to a diverse collection of fabrics from mills worldwide, including renowned brands like Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Scabel, Holland and Sherry. Your consultation at Rashmi involves an in-depth discussion on fabrics, cuts, the latest trends, and precise measurements to ensure a tailor-made fit that suits you perfectly.

Our skilled Hong Kong bespoke tailors are dedicated to creating top-quality suits, recognizing the importance of this essential wardrobe piece for events like weddings or job interviews. Regardless of your budget or style preferences, Rashmi Custom Tailors is committed to delivering fashionable, stylish, and classic looks tailored to your satisfaction.

With over 45,000 satisfied clients, we guarantee that choosing a Rashmi Bespoke suit or shirt means choosing the best in Hong Kong. Our goal is to make a lasting impact on the quality of your attire, ensuring that once you experience the craftsmanship of a Rashmi Bespoke suit or shirt, you'll return for more.